Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Up? Summer is Here!

Beza Highlights
  • Our little one-year-old weighs in at 19lbs and is in the 50th percentile for weight and height (she has grown 2 inches in the past 3 months).
  • She is still sporting just one tooth.
  • She has just started to take 3-4 steps at a time.
  • She can sign "more," "all done," "eat," and "bird"  (the most useful one of all ;).
  • She can point to her nose, pretty hair and tum-tum (belly).
  • We're down from 5 bottles a day to 3--and just started drinking whole milk.
  • She wakes up sitting up 1-2 times a night and after tucking her back in, sometimes with a bottle of water and a little orajel--she goes right back to sleep.  (Yay for sleep!)
She cruises the neighborhood pushing this car.

In other news, Climby, the tent caterpillar emerged from his cacoon and is living life as a free moth.

We celebrated the first day of summer last week with new beach towels.

and water tubes for the "big" pool. ;)

We had a fun neighborhood movie night in our backyard under threatening skies that held off until the last few minutes of Gnomeo & Juliet. (BTW, Did you know that they make microwave caramel popcorn?!)

And last week we took the whole gang to a real art museum and then after smoothies we even had a successful time window shopping.

Really, they are growing up SO fast...

Looking forward to these "lazy" days of summer. :)

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  1. She is just so precious! So funny that she just has the one tooth! Mareto's are coming in all at once it feels like... the 3rd just popped through the other day! haha I am going to have to try putting him down with water... great idea!