Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet and Simple

Today J and a few of his bosses and co-workers were a part of making and serving lunch at a local soup kitchen.  We stopped by to meet some of them.

On the way I was trying to explain where we were going to M and T.  I told them that it was a place for people who didn't have enough money to buy food and that some of the people who came there didn't have a home.

M: "I guess that Daddy and his friends aren't construction workers."

Me: "Hmm...?  Why did you say that M?"

M: "Because if they were construction workers then they would build those people houses."

...if only life were that simple...

It was a car ride with a lot of chatter--some of it really good stuff.  Out of the blue, M again, said:

"I think I know the reasons why you adopted Beza and brother."

(Sidenote: I can't remember if we've mentioned this before, but we would love to adopt a little guy someday.  We don't know the details--the when or where.  We've been praying about "brother" almost as long as we've been praying for little Beza.  And M and T can not wait--they talk about him a lot--but for right now we're just enjoying life as a family of 5. :)

"The first reason is so that I could have a sister and T could have a brother.

The second reason is that you and Daddy wanted there to be two less children who need a family.

And the third reason is because when Daddy and you die then we will have each other."

Love this girl's mind...


  1. I love her mind too! That is so sweet. LOVE the picture too! Precious!


  2. Love hearing kids try and make sense of the world!