Friday, June 10, 2011

Ode to Bugs

Theme Weeks are BACK!  (The original Theme Week.)  And better than ever! :)

We just finished up 2 weeks of bug madness.  It started with this book...

We caught a lot of spiders (a bit of screaming may have been involved--but we did in none the less. :)

We even found spittle bugs hiding in spittle.

In PA, over Memorial Day, we had a lot of fun with moths and butterflies.  

This Eight-Spotted Forester Moth started on Beza.

Then was successfully transferred to M.

Who passed it on to T.

And it happened again the next day.

We also caught A LOT of tent caterpillars.

Several of these even made it to nap-time in containers.  M and T were such proud caterpillar pet parents.  

But there is the unfortunate story of Climby--the caterpillar that made the long trip back from PA with M.  She showed him her room and then took him for a bike ride.  In a tragic twist of fate, poor M had a minor bike accident that resulted in the loss of Climby.  :(  She was SO sad--we felt really bad (all over a caterpillar).  

The good news is that a few days later she found another Climby who promptly spun a cocoon overnight in a jar in her room.  We're just waiting for the new Climby-moth to emerge. :)

We also did bug puzzles,
(Funny thing about learning about bugs--it completely makes me feel like I'm covered in them.)

created bug origami,
(No small task, I tell you!  Origami requires some serious skills!)

and built bug traps.
(We caught a spider--surprise, surprise--and a few ants.)

Now--if we could only keep the bugs outside.  The ants and all of their friends and family seem to have clued in that with children they have hit the jackpot here at Crumb Central.  And last night a wasp fell into my shower--just a little too revitalizing, if you ask me! :)

But, admittedly, bugs are fascinating!
(Well, as long as they're not on me!) :)

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