Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Made-It: "Cottage Style"

I sometimes find that in the realm of being a mom, it's hard to feel productive.  The tasks of laundry, cleaning and making meals are pretty much...constant.

From time to time it feels good to actually complete something.:)  And that is why I like DIY projects (and mowing the lawn--it lasts a WHOLE week!;).

Anyway, I was recently perusing a Pottery Barn catalog and totally loved the vibe of this room.

And, by George, we happen to have a ship photo just like that.  Only in a really old (from J's childhood) honey-colored frame.

During naptime, one afternoon, I whipped out a can of white paint and went to work.
(Move your cursor over the photo below to see the result.)

I made these "summery" white pillows, too.

Oh, yeah, and I've also been finding that I need some good encouragement with things like, oh, patience, for example.   :)

Inspired by this Pottery Barn room, 

I used some scrap wood to make these reminders.

The room...

And because it fits in with the over-all "beachy-cottagey" look, here is our "summerized" mantel. ;)
(I call that a  "pear cage." ;)

Love airy summer colors! :)

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