Friday, June 03, 2011

Friend "Favorite": The Pink Doll

About a year ago, my aunt gave this doll to M.  The doll was once my Grammy's--it was given to her by a good friend.  Her friend crocheted the doll's pink dress and hat.  I have a hand-full of special treasures from my Grammy that have meaning to me, but this doll isn't one them. :)

And M is not a doll girl--she is a teddy bear girl.  As a lover of a clutter-free-ish home, I wasn't quite sure what to do with this doll. 

Then, one night, soon after the doll arrived here, Becca and Eric happened to be at our house.  I handed the doll to J and he covertly slipped it into Becca's bag.

And the Pink Doll Saga began.

The Pink Doll next appeared under Emily and Keith's bed pillows while they were on vacation (placed there by Eric).  Unfortunately, poor Emily hadn't yet met the Pink Doll and spent a sleepless night wondering who had been in her house who owned such a doll.  (Sorry, Emily! :)

A few weeks later I did a double-take when I saw a hand in my freezer.

The Pink Doll has made several brief visits back and forth between us.

Just yesterday, I found a suspiciously misplaced bathroom towel.

The question is, my friends, where will she be next? ;)


  1. I have to admit - it was really hard to put it under the towels while holding Beza, but I thought that it would take you a little longer to find it!!!! Only you (and me) would notice that the towels were slightly askew!!!! But just remember - I lock my doors now!:)

  2. Funny story. Sounds like the thing that Foster had with his neighbors with a silk potted geranium plant. That ended up in the crotch of a tree and at one point up on the roof of the neighbors house by their chimney! Never knew where you were going to find it.