Wednesday, June 08, 2011

First Tooth and Growing

Little Beza has her first tooth! 

We discovered it on Sunday morning--she had seemed more content than usual the day before. :)

If you use your imagination maybe you can "see" it there on the bottom left.

These pictures are so much better than a gummy-mouthed close-up I'm thinking. :)
(She has an expert and uncanny ability to find leaves in the grass.  She eats them.)

(And how cute does she look standing there?  This little one piece was my absolute favorite of M's.  We have it in all of the infant sizes.)

We also have a "big boy" bike rider--complete with sound effects--of the kid-made variety.

And just today, our little M graduated from Preschool.  It's been a wonderful 2 years--she has had such sweet teachers. 

Wish we could make time stand still...


  1. Awww...these are great pictures and Beza is a beautiful addition to the family =)

  2. adorable!! Mareto got his first tooth yesterday!! :)