Thursday, May 05, 2011

Today's Lessons

1.  Silly Putty can be removed from sheets, bears and pj's with a strong dose of rubbing alcohol and elbow grease.

2.  Don't let children sleep with Silly Putty.

3.  Make sure diapers are tightly secured.  Luckily today's incident did not take place at a friend's house, in the van or at the grocery store.  Rather it happened on the tile (the freshly mopped tile.).
(T minus his jeans.)

4.  Boys think Mustangs are cool.  And he hasn't even seen the car, yet.

5.   These are not real caterpillars.  But if you squiggle them in your hands, you can make them look real.

6.  That trick works only once.

7.  Going foot loose and fancy free and letting Beza eat the real deal with her hands appears to be the key to getting her to eat. 

8.  Food can be really messy.

9.  Especially when you play peek-a-boo.

10.  Sweet potatoes turn into stuck-on paste.

11.  A good bath can wash away all of your troubles. :)

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