Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Morning Carpet Makeover and Spa Treatment

Or something like that... ;)

After being out all morning, I started to make Beza a yummy lunch of rice cereal mixed with peaches and formula.  (Sounds mighty enticing, huh?)

I pulled the ready-made formula out of the refrigerator and gave it a good shake.

Too bad the lid wasn't twisted on.

I covered myself from hair to toe (including right down my shirt) in formula.  I also covered the refrigerator, cupboards and majority of the kitchen floor.  And might I add, a once again, freshly mopped floor.

Scene of the incident.

I laughed, called for towels, and re-mopped.

And this morning during Mopping Round 1 to remove the crusted yogurt, among many other things, off of the floor, T was playing so nicely in his room.  I was so proud. :)

Five minutes before we had to drop M off at preschool I hurried to his room to get him dressed.  This is what I found...

He had decided that the carpeting looked like paper.

He drew life-sized lines in a rainbow of colors over every square inch of exposed carpeting.  (I kid you not.)

Pretty much left me speechless.  Wow... Crayon on carpet...  That is going to be hard to get out.

I did a little research.  I read about de-natured alcohol, ironing it out and then using stain remover to get out the residual color, using ice and butter knives.  There was a lot of floor to cover and none of that sounded like the way I would like to spend my afternoon.

(Photo courtesy of Emily--seems to fit the crime.)

Before running out to grab some Fels-Naptha (another suggestion), I decided to try our secret carpet-care weapon.

Allow me to introduce the Bissell Spot Bot--aka, Floor Stain Miracle Worker.

Almost all of the crayon is gone!  Whoo-hoo!  The blue is being a bit stubborn and I had to stop for nap time.  But by tonight, that floor should be gleaming (if carpet can gleam, that is.).

Little Dude is giving me some excellent material for a future book that I might just have to call "Parent's Guide to Keeping Clean."  (Please recall the recent silly-putty incident.:)  And I'm sure this is JUST the beginning!

Off to wash my formula-encrusted hair. :)  Here's to a spotless Thursday evening! ;)

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  1. oh my word... Gini... I am impressed that it is nearly out, I certainly am pleasantly surprised. Of course I love the photo of Toben too... what a ham!