Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Weekend Hijinks

"Hey, guys, come here!"

Uh-huh.  Yep, this happened.

And then this...

And this...

We take our Transformers quite "seriously" around here.

T is also the proud owner of his very own Bumblebee, while M possesses Optimus Prime. 

Why Optimus Prime when she had the choice of any Transformer, you ask.  Well, as she tells it, Optimus Prime is the leader and she couldn't not get him because he tells everyone else what to do.  True words. 

And just a few random "in their words" that I don't want to forget.

1.  While cutting up some vegetables for a salad with M, I asked if she would make healthy salads for her kids someday.  Without missing a beat, she said, "No. But the babysitter can.  I'll be in outer space (being an astronaut)."

Along those same lines:
2.  We were talking about astronauts one afternoon and I said that there really weren't very many.  With unwavering confidence, M said, "Don't worry, Mommy, (pointing to herself and T), soon there will be 2 more."

3.  We were out and about yesterday and T shouted, "There's a Mustang!"  He was right.  How?  I have NO idea.  He's a quick learner I guess.  (related post)

And this isn't so much funny, as sweet:
4.  While talking about our "favorite things" with M, she asked what my favorite food is. I said something like Pumpkin Pie.  We supposed that T would say Vanilla Cake.  And M said Chocolate Cake.  Then she said that it makes her a little sad when our favorites aren't all the same because she imagines that it divides us each into different rooms full of that "favorite."  And she wants us to all be together.  That's pretty sweet...

Hope that you had a great weekend! :)

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