Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Great Performances

Culture Class
We have this caterpillar that names famous composers like Mozart and Vivaldi.  M and T aren't well versed in their names or works just yet.

Laughing, M said, "Listen to this, T.  It says, 'You hung the bathroom book.'"

Better known as "Johann Sebastian Bach."  :)

Parking Lot Production
On Friday I went to the grocery store with the whole gang.  T sits in the top of the cart, Beza gets the bottom while in her infant seat, and M does a terrific job of walking along with me.  

Cart space is at a premium.  I work the bottom rack for all it's worth.

After checking out, it is impossible to recreate the food tetris so I always have to carry a few bags.

Back to Friday.  I left with 3 bags on my arm and a very full cart bottom.  Just as we walked out onto the sidewalk, the watermelon plopped off and started to roll away.  I caught it, put it back and started again.  It fell off, again.  Seeing my obvious look of confusion about what to do next, a kind person offered to escort the watermelon to the van.  

Two steps later we got caught on the hose being used to water the flowers.  I lifted the front over the hose, then the back.  The rotisserie chicken landed upside down on the pavement.
With the chicken secured and the watermelon safely in the van, T's balloon (you know, the kind that comes on a stick and says "Happy Assistant's Day" because it's free) became unattached from the stick and started skidding across the parking lot.  I skidded after it.

Then I picked up T to put him in the van.  His bagel headed in the opposite direction and rolled so that it's entirety touched the ground.  

At last everything and everyone was inside the van.  My troupe and I then exited the parking lot stage left. :)

Rolling double-stroller style with T and Beza on a farm market excursion earlier in the week.

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  1. Haha!! Love this! This sounds EXACTLY like our shopping trips when my three were that little! SO funny! :) It does get easier the older they get!