Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Made It: Inspired Meal

The lastest issue of Real Simple is popping at the seams with yummy recipes.  
Last night, on a very atypical whim, we whipped this up.

And it looked just like that picture. Actually, I think it really might have. ;)   
We made it after the little people went to bed and we gobbled it up before we snapped any photos.

Here it is: The Turf Menu
Yes, even the pickled onions were yummy.

Oh, and we started with this appetizer. (I know, even an appetizer.  On a Monday night.) 

We were so inspired that we thought it would be fun to try one of the cocktails.  We didn't have any pomegranate juice, but I did have a small bottle of cranberry juice stashed away.

All of the drink ingredients were mixed together just waiting for the juice to be added.  J added the juice.  It was a stunning shade of...brown.  Brown cranberry juice.  Yum.  Vintage July 2010 cranberry juice.  Double yum.

Our lovely dinner was quite delicious even without the extravagant cocktail. :) 

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