Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"I saw a snake and ran for my life!"--

--M panted as she burst into the bedroom.

"No way!  Is it still there?"


So we did the only sensible thing. ;)

We donned these--

And happed upon this--

Another view (in case you just can't get enough ;).

M had been getting a piece of scrap wood to decorate with markers (we've been doing a lot of wood art. :), when she crossed paths with this guy.  She ditched the wood and ran into the house--locking the door behind her. 

When we went back out he was still there and we got to watch him slither across the grass and then into the woods.  Kind of creepy to hear the leaves crackling under his body.  He finally disappeared under last year's Christmas tree.  Needless to say, we won't be traipsing around in the woods any time soon. :)

After that grand adventure, we had our new family tradition (going one month strong)--Tuesday Tea.  A fun time to break out (hopefully not literally) the china and to say things like, "Would you like a spot of cream?"  and "Lovely afternoon, isn't it?"

Today's Tea questions: What do you want to be when you grow up and where would you want to live if you could live anywhere in the world?

An astronaut.
I want to live in a pink house.  But I want to live with you because I really like you guys.  I'll just paint this house pink.

A skoovy-divey (translation: scuba-diver).
In a skoovy-divey house (translation: In an underwater house.  Should make visiting interesting.)

And when asked, Beza gave us this look.  We decided that she was saying something about one-eyed elephants? :)


  1. okay, first, AHHHHH!!! a snake?!!!! and you were close enough to take pictures!? and a skoovy-divey? you tell that little monkey of yours that his becca was once a scuba diver:)

  2. oh MY word.... crazy... I can only imagine how that went over... especially for you one who loves all wildlife... especially spiders!

  3. ummmmmmm.... you were WAY too close to that snake! AHHHHHHHHH! i'm now going to have bad dreams! lol... and i agree, definitely a one-eyed elephant :-)