Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day: You Will Never Believe What I Did Today! :)

Friends and family, if you know me well, then you better sit down for this one. :)

This morning I ran in a 5K race.  I kid you not.

Okay, three things.
1.  It was the Run Like a Mother race in Ridgefield, CT. 
2.  5K is ~3 miles.
3.  I can't talk about it with a straight face.  Me?  Run?  Hahaha!  Really it was more of a jog-when-I-think-my-family-is-watching/really-fast-mall-walk.

Did I train?
Um...sort-of.  I walked around our neighborhood a pre-determined number of laps pushing the double stroller (sometimes tripled up).  I also hit the pavement in the basement while watching HGTV--that was as exciting as it sounds.

And whatever in this world would possess me to do such a thing?

Plain and simple.

Peer pressure.

I ran bright and early (8:30a) on this beautiful Mother's Day with Becca and Emily.


Emily and I finished our walk/run in about 35 minutes. :)  Becca is an actual runner and beat us by a landslide. :)

Beza pre-race.


A very fun morning.  :)  Thanks Becca and Emily! :)

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. you did sooooo good!!! thank you for doing it! and next year we are all going to cross the finish line together:)

  2. Gini! You ROCK! I am so proud that you ran it for all those momma's like me that just simply can not run! You got me thinking that maybe I don't give myself enough credit!