Friday, May 20, 2011

Flowers and Bad Guys

A few favorites:

The irises from my dad are stunning.

Their fragrance is enticing.

The colors and patterns are mesmerizing.

And today the blooms were more than plentiful.

Seriously, they are amazing.

On an entirely different note, the little people around here have had a clear favorite this week.

Dear little T has had a fascination with superheros and bad guys for some time now.  Every time we pass a book display he is immediately drawn to the covers with scary monsters and, well, big scary bad guys.  

Last week I caved a bit and we snagged this book at a yard sale.

My personal expertise with the subject matter is quite limited, to say the least.  But within the first day M and T had most of the words memorized.  Now the words "decipticon," "autobot," and "allspark" have entered our everyday vocabulary.

And illustrations.

Two versions of Megatron.

Someday, far, far away from now, they can actually watch the movies. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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