Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorites: Heading to Ethiopa and Music

Well, I'm not going to Ethiopia, but Becca and Eric are--RIGHT NOW!!!!  On Saturday morning, Ethiopia time, they will be meeting their sweet little girl for the first time. :)  We are so excited for them (and all of the families traveling with them this week.)  Can't wait for little Alle to come home...

And on a completely different note, wanted to share my newest music favorite. 

I'm in love with this program.  We have the radio on 24/7 here and the music gets a bit predictable.  Under the Radar plays a little more artsy music that isn't typically on the radio. 

Offering gourmet music, Under the Radar highlights some of the best undiscovered and under-appreciated tunes from Christian artists. In this one-hour weekly program, host Dave Trout shares stories, spiritual insight, and exclusive artist interviews to discover the depth of faith and creativity found in the music. Listeners participate by suggesting some of the best hidden gems in their own music collections that the world needs to hear.
Love it! :)

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