Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4 Weeks and HomeComing

I can hardly believe that we've been home with Beza for just a little over 4 weeks!

It might be a good time to finally post our homecoming photos. :)  (Tomorrow I'll post referral photos and give a little update.)

Without further ado...here are the photos taken by Becca and Eric the night that we came HOME. :)

We were greeted with signs, balloons, cakes and pizza.
(M's preschool even made a little sign on the front door.)

And some really cute little people. 

Pulling into the driveway.

First glimpses of their little sister.

Getting to know each other.

Just as this picture was being taken, M said, "Hi, Beza.  I'm your big sister."  And over the next few days I overheard her say several times, "We're always going to be here.  You're a part of our family forever."  M loves being the biggest sister.  

Thank you friends and family for such a sweet homecoming--what a precious memory.

And Nana and Grammy Miller thank you so much for staying with our little people while we were gone.  The peace of mind of knowing how well loved and taken care of they were was priceless.  Thank you for selflessly giving your time and hearts.  Love you!

For a few more pictures, hope over to this post on Becca's blog.  BTW, they are leaving in less than a month to meet their little girl for the first time.  We can not wait for little "A" to be home, too...


  1. YEAH!!! What an awesome thing to experience! What wonderful family and friends you have!

  2. What a wonderful homecoming!!! So sweet!