Thursday, March 03, 2011

There Was a President With Bad Teeth

Last week was President's Week.

I started with great ambitions to "meet" the presidents.  Somewhere along the way I have acquired presidential flashcards.  Yeah, so, that was pretty much a really difficult task.  Instead, we settled for rocking out to this rap song.  After which M and T (and me) all know that there have been "44 Presidents, White House residents..." (actually George Washington didn't live there, but you know--there have been 44 Presidents and they reside in the White House.) and a few other facts.

We also took a look at the faces on coins.  We played a super fun penny toss game.  I filled our giant bath tub with a little water, put two floating bowls in and gave M and T handfuls of coins to try to get into the bowls.

And last week in preschool M's class was learning about dental hygiene and cavities.  M told me that she raised her hand and told the teacher that the first president had really bad teeth and so he didn't smile.  Really, I've got to wonder what they think we talk about at home. 

Sesame Street had some funny/good stuff, too! We even learned a little bit about the revolution.

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