Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Please Help

I think that most of you know this, but if not :), we are leaving on Saturday to bring Little Girl home! We are really excited!

But I also wanted to let you know about what is going on in Ethiopia right now.  The Ministry of Woman's Affairs has issued a statement that they will be cutting the number of adoptions they process by 90%.  That means that a family could wait for at least a year before they get a court date (we waited 2 months).  And that means that little children (who have no homes) will be growing up in orphanages. 

So, a few things: 
1. This is happening literally right now and there are a lot of unknowns.

2. You can read a little more about it here:  and from Tom Davis here:

3. You can quickly "sign" a petition here that will be given to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

4. Pray for the children there and the families here who are effected by this.

It's a complicated problem and we ABSOLUTELY support ethical adoptions!  But allowing children to grow up in orphanages does not seem like the best solution.

There are millions of orphans all over the world. This is an opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless...

Thanks for "listening" and caring!  Love you guys!


(copy of a letter to our family and friends)

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