Sunday, March 06, 2011

I Promise, That is NOT What He Meant! :)

M's preschool has a drop-off line.  We pull up to the door and a teacher gets her out of the van.  LOVE that!

Every single day, T has to tell the teacher that he is big.  I think he wants them to know that he's big, or at least getting bigger, because he can't wait to be able to go to school, and "big" kids get to go to school.  If he forgets or doesn't get a chance to say, "I'm big,"  he gets really upset at himself.  Really.  But, we've been working on saying, "Hi," before launching into the whole "big" discussion.

Here's how that all went the other morning.

The van door opens with me quietly reminding T to say "Hi" first.
Teacher: "How are you today?"
T: (As fast as he can possibly say): "I'm big and 'hi!'"
Teacher: (Laughing): "Well, I hope not!"

Oh, T--you are a funny, funny guy...

(A picture of T in his seat, albeit from last year. :)


  1. oh that's too funny! That will be a good one to tell in the coming years :)

  2. Haha! Too cute! Remember that one to tell at his rehearsal dinner one day! :)