Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Baby Makeover

Our house has been undergoing a transformation--a baby transformation.  We've been hauling out long-ago tucked away toys, clothes and gear.  And I think that we're almost ready to bring home a baby. ;)

The diaper drawer has made a reappearance in the living room.  And those baby toy bins that have been lying dormant are ready for some action.  
We even found the little snail toy that she seemed to love so much while we were at Hannah's Hope.

I made room in the kitchen cupboards for the likes of bottles,
formula and baby foods. 

We have baby toys tucked into bowls, baskets 
and bins in almost every room.  M and T have been loving these toys.

I found this chair on Craig's List.  It's the same chair that she frequently sits in at Hannah's Hope.  It's even missing the middle toy,
just like the one there. :)

Upstairs in my room, the gliding chair is all ready for late-night bottles.

A new little bathtub is waiting for some first baths.

The girls room is full of baby essentials.  Her future desk is being put to good use.  
I even rearranged the dresser drawers to work for two little girls. :)

The bib drawer.

And the closet is, once again, full of little pink outfits.  
Can not wait to use these again!

Today I filled the van and diaper bag with extra outfits and diapers.  We still need to retrieve the infant car seat from the attic.  I have a few little odds and ends to pick up and then I think that we're pretty much ready!  Bring it on! :)


  1. That is so sweet that she will have the same things as at HH! She will love her new room!

  2. This gives me goosebumps!! I am so excited for you all to be a family!!! The room is adorable and she will love all those familiar toys!! I'd say - you are ready!!!

  3. everything looks wonderful!!! Time for your baby girl to COME HOME!!

  4. Awww!!! Everything looks so sweet! We brought that toy snail to HH so I'm glad she likes it! We love your little girl and will always have special memories of cuddling and playing with her! I hope you can bring her home very soon!
    Katie Voight