Thursday, February 03, 2011

Theme Weeks: Body Week

Had such a fun night walking around with M and T on top of the snow in the dark (well, mostly walking on top--I, of course, fell through a couple of times.)  The shoulder-high fence that goes around the pond next to our house is seriously only up to my knees!  Now, they're finally all tucked in and well kissed. :)  Can't believe what the next week holds!

To help keep myself updated, here's what we were up to last week: 

For school I know that M and T are going to need to know basic body parts.  But there are some things that we just don't talk about very much--like our palms or wrists.  During "Body Week" we revisited those concepts.

(When I told them that it was "Body Week," T thought I said "Bobby Week."  And because he used to call himself, "Bobby," he wanted to know if I was going to call him "Bobby" all week.  Crazy guy!)

We started by drawing a person on the giant chalkboard.  And this brought back a funny memory.  In a momentary digression, once upon a time, when I was doing an internship as a speech-language pathologist working with a very cool group of high school guys with special needs, we were doing a creative writing unit about describing monsters. I thought it would be a good starter to draw a basic body on the board.  Current myself can see this coming a mile away, but past self had to learn the hard way. :)  What do you suppose the first answer was to "What is a part of a boy?"  Uh-huh--I got that answer.  Oh, good stuff. :)

Back to last week.  We learned about digestion--and this pop song is a pretty big hit around here.  I give you fair warning, it does indeed show ALL of digestion.

And, we checked out our bones.

So, good week. There has definitely been quite a bit of discussion about what happens to the foods that aren't so nutritious or that our bodies can't use--good to know, huh? :)

Okay, Goodnight!!  We'll try to keep our blog/facebook updated along the way! :)

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