Sunday, February 20, 2011

T Turns 3: His Sunday Funnies

Yesterday, T turned the big 3!  All day long we said "Happy Birthday!"  And all day long he answered, "Happy Birthday!" back at us.  Apparently he thinks it's a seasonal greeting like "Merry Christmas!"--you know, something you reciprocate.

Okay, so he has made me crack up this week.  Remember "Fire Eyes?"  You know when he squeezes his eyes shut really tight so that he sees red?  Well, when went to the grocery store earlier this week, it was FREEZING!  Crazy kid uses visualizations to help him stay warm.  Across the entire parking lot he squeezed his eyes shut (to make fire) and he opened his mouth wide to "breathe fire."  The face is nothing short of hilarious.

On this same freezing cold day at the grocery store, they gave him a FunDip as a valentine at the checkout.  He was so excited to get a candy valentine--although he has never had a FunDip.  Anyway, when we got back to the car he asked if it was breakable.  Thinking of the little candy stick I said, "Yes."   So then he asked, "Why can we eat glass?"  Seriously, what a funny train of thought. 

So thankful for our little guy and all the joy he adds to our lives. 
Love you, big guy, T!

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