Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's Up?

So what have we been up to?

1.  Updating out homestudy with a new agency.  This includes new fingerprints, new physicals, new reference letters, new financial forms, and a new visit from a social worker (and that all just means a lot of paperwork).

2.  Gathering stuff for traveling.  Carry-on's, money belts :), compact clothing, medications.

3.  Booking our flights.  And, YAY!, I will be able to go to the Adoption "Created for Care" Conference and still fly out in time to make it to Ethiopia.  That will be one very full week!  Oh, yeah, and trying to kick my fear of flying.  I'll definitely have a lot of opportunities to practice letting go of that fear. :)  (And really, what better reason to fly?)

4.  Scheduling that Yellow Fever Vaccination and taking our Typhoid pills.

5.  Making a list of donations that we can collect to take with us.  I think that we'll be able to take 6 rubbermaid bins.  (The list will be coming soon.) :)

6.  Trying to put aside my to-do list during the day so that I can hang-out with M & T.  Tough, but worth it.

7.  Waiting with friends (both here and all over the blog world) for new referrals.  Excited to see what this month brings!

8.  Praying for a little girl (and so many like her) across the world.  So looking forward to meeting her and then bringing her home. :)  That's the best!

Just for fun (and a good laugh:), I had to share this crazy funny photo from Christmas.  My mom always gets us look-a-like shirts.  That's a lot of green! :)

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