Monday, January 31, 2011

THE Project

J and I have been working on a fun basement project over the past few weeks.  

Here are some before and afters. 

Bookshelf before:

Bookshelf now:
Most of the bedroom toys and games moved to these shelves and labeled bins.

They are in this fun space with a gigantic chalk board.
(We spackled our concrete walls to make them look finished.)

And all of those books from the white shelves moved to these new shelves.

This is the "house" space.
When we were waiting at the Number 1 spot, I repainted those pink and blue cardboard "rooms."

The swings!
(And in the corner the beautiful cradle that J's grandfather made M for Christmas.)

Dollhouse Space:

Art Table:

And now for the biggest part of the make-over--The stage (seriously, all J's idea)!

(That couch was J's parents.  When we got married his Aunt Arlene recovered it for us--Amazing!  That couch has gotten a lot of love.  Also, it's a sofa-bed--rumor has it that it is NEVER leaving the basement.)


This stage comes complete with stage lighting on dimmers--great for fashion shows, concerts and a mean game of charades.  

AND now there is a projection TV.  This has become a serious movie viewing room.  (The couch rolls out for maximum viewing.)  And the Wii--it's life-sized!

Most definitely a sweet pad! ;)  Thanks, J--you're amazing! 


  1. I love it--especially your organization!!!! What great ideas you and Jason have for the kids and their play areas.

  2. Wow, I love it! My girls would love that stage!

  3. Wow, very nice room! You guys are doing some serious nesting over there ;)

  4. Yea! Great job on the before and after pictures... You have the best basement ever... According to the kids!