Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Made-It: He FINALLY has a bed!

T has spent the last year sleeping on the his crib mattress on the floor or on the futon in his room.  Both have worked really well, but we thought this might be a good time to finally get him a "big boy" bed.  So, as you can guess, on our very productive IKEA trip he finally got his bed. :)

 He also scored a very inexpensive desk and chair.

Note the lack of lamps.  Little dude has been unplugging a few too many things--which makes me a little nervous.  Needless to say, I removed the lamps and his room is a bit on the dark side for now. :)

Also note that this was a rare moment.  He loves to group things together to make "trains."  Right now the desk and floor are covered with pillows and all of his trucks and tools.  And his bed is full of guy figures and stuffed animals and books and water cups and his watch, of course. :)

And one final note.  T naps in his room every day and starts each night in his room.  But by 4am he is usually snuggled in our bed.  We can hear him coming down the hallway.  He drags his big green toy bin full of his "friends" over and then throws all of his said "friends" into our bed.  Sometimes he even tries to flop the big green frog (he's sitting on it in the picture) on our bed.  Then he lays down and promptly falls asleep.  Crazy kid.  I love his warm snuggles and will really miss them someday...


  1. what an awesome big boy bed! so sweet that he still climbs in bed with you... you WILL miss that one day, i'm sure! i'm starting to think that when you have a kid, you need to upgrade to a king sized mattress... our queen may be on her way out...

  2. Great bed for the big boy!!! And the fact that he brings all his "friends" to your bed...precious...

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  3. Jenny, did my wife put you up to that comment? :) She's been lobbying for a king size bed for the past year. (Which of course means new bed, new mattresses, new sheets, etc....) I keep trying to convince her that our queen size is just fine... :-)

  4. Ha! No, G didn't put me up to that... But you ARE adding another kiddo to the mix who WILL want to snuggle as well, so.... ;-)