Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Favorites: That's Nat!

A few months ago I was looking for some series books that would be good for a 5-year-old girl.  M likes story books, but she definitely LOVES chapter books.  Anyway, I found this series, That's Nat!  They are awesome for little girls! 

There are six books in the series and they are written in the really fun perspective of 5-year-old Natalie.  I can totally hear M in Natalie's thoughts and I think that M loved reading about someone just like her.  Natalie also learns a lot about God in her everyday life.

Admittedly my favorite book is the last one.  I had NO IDEA, but in Natalie Wants A Puppy, Natalie finds out that her parents are adopting a little boy from China (with a cleft palate).  (Um, yep, and as I was reading through it I was totally trying not to cry. :)

A little excerpt from Natalie Wants a Puppy (Dandi Daley Mackall):
I never prayed a pick-the-right-dog prayer before. So I have to guess how it goes. "God, which one's the right puppy for us? I'd really like to be sure about that one. Amen." I look up at Granny. "Was that okay?" 
"That was just right, Nat," Granny says. "You know, your mom and dad have been praying a prayer just like that one for a couple of years." 
"They wanted a puppy?" I ask, surprised. 
Gran chuckles. "No. They wanted a child." 
Some of me wonders if they wanted a child as much as I want a puppy. The rest of me wonders why. "Why did they pray that, Granny? They already had me."
"Before they had you, Nat, your mom and dad prayed God would give them a baby. You were the answer to that prayer. And they thank God every day for you."
I know that's a for-true thing. "So why do they want another baby?"
"I think God gave them that want. And this time God chose to answer their prayers by letting them adopt a boy from China, a boy who really needs a home."

Really, these are such fun books to read to a little girl--I highly recommend them (and wish there were more)!  You can go to Amazon to read an excerpt here.  And you can quickly read a blurb about each one here.

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