Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Donation List :)

When we travel to Ethiopia in just 3 weeks, we have the privilege of bringing donations with us.  Love (and honestly I am humbled) that we have the opportunity to make a really practical difference for little ones (and those who take care of them) who have so little of what we take for granted. 

From blog and facebook friends who have recently been in Ethiopia, diapers appear to be a huge need.  I can't imagine not having something to cover my little one's bottom.  They sometimes have to wash out and re-use disposable diapers.  (Can you imagine?)

We are hoping to bring 6 Rubbermaid bins.  The list of items below, including diapers, are things that are either hard to find in Ethiopia (like specialized formulas) or that cost much more there than here. 

Donations for Ethiopia
Diapers of all sizes (including preemie-sized)--cloth or disposable
Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Infant and Children’s Vitamins
Powdered Similac Formula (regular, vegetable– and soy-based)
Avent Bottles (8 and 12 oz sizes)
Rice Cereal
Organic Flaxseed (unground)
Baby Shampoo
Baby Oil
Toys for infants 0-16 months
Sidewalk Chalk
Deodorant (Men’s and Women’s)
Twin Sheets (pink, purple, red, blue or green—solid or printed)
Adult-sized slippers (They don’t wear shoes inside.)
Scrubs (All sizes)
(Friends and Family, with absolutely no pressure, if you want to donate, but live far from us and don't want to ship items to us, you can send us gift cards to purchase the items you would like to donate.)

Thank you so much for making a difference!



  1. Gini,

    I have Gift Card from Target that I would be more than happy to send you if you could use. Please e-mail me to (licollaco@gmail.com) let me know your mailing address.


  2. I have coupons for Similac and Enfamil formulas. You can usually get these at Target/Walmart for less than $1 per ready to feed container. not sure if that would help, but thought they would be a great match up for buying things with the Target gift card! Please send me your mailing address if interested... seemelvin at aol dot com