Monday, January 03, 2011

A Day in the Life of our Bear Friends

For Christmas I made little rhyming photo books for M and T of a "day in the life" of their bears.  

Here are a few excerpts...

M's Book:  Ben

Ben likes to cruise in the doll's hot pink race car.
But he's very careful not to travel too far.

But all through the day, Ben peeks out the window.
Wondering, "Where's M?" and why couldn't he go?

Feeling a bit tired he heads back to bed.
Just one more game for this sweet sleepyhead.

T's Book: Beary-Bear

Left in the basement all alone, Beary decides to play on his own.
He drives the trains, takes the truck for a run, looks around and exclaims, "This is so fun!"

On the map at the desk, he sees that Ethiopia is right here.
He is so excited that sister will be joining us next year.

Beary scurries to the chalkboard to write a quick note.
He's sure T will smile when he sees what he wrote.


  1. What an awesome IDEA!! I may have to borrow that one next year!! Or maybe for a birthday that we have coming up!