Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When the Coyote Comes

A slice of our real life...

We got our first snow today.  Hmmm...maybe an inch or two.  Because school was delayed (but the roads were fine), I decided that it would be "fun" to take M and T to Target to buy some gifts for a family in our community before school started.

Picking out the gifts was actually fun, but keeping T in the cart (the one with the two seats facing each other) was another story.  We got everything we needed and headed to the checkout.  I pulled out my wallet to pay and, hmmm...there was no wallet.  The very kind cashier said that she would set my bag aside so that I could come back later (Target is 30 minutes from my house).  I was thankful she could do that, but totally bummed that I had to come back.

We RAN out to the car empty-handed and after everyone was buckled in, guess what I found.  Yep--my wallet.  It was in another compartment of my bag...

I had no time to spare because today was M's Christmas Sing-Along at school and we couldn't be late--so off we rushed with plans to come back later. *sigh*

So, if you're curious about the coyotes in the title, here's where they come in.  With Christmas carols filling the car, M starts to tell me (for some reason) that if one of our cats got out on the roof of our house that she would call the fire department to come get it off.  (Sounds like a good plan.)  Then T jumps in with his idea that well if a coyote was at our house then the fire department would come to take care of it.  M firmly disagreed saying no way, they were not the right people for the job.  T replied that he would then call 911 (glad he knows the number just in case!) and the police would help with the coyote problem.  M still thought that wasn't quite right.  That made T quite angry.  He started to scream.

I do NOT like screaming in the car.  Feeling kind-of stressed about trying to be on time and upset about having to go back out later, I was not so happy about the whole discussion in the moment.  But looking back (at the end of the day and after a successful trip back to Target after preschool), that was a down-right hilarious conversation.  I mean really, an argument between a 2- and 5-year-old about policemen and coyotes!  Funny, funny kids! :)

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