Monday, December 06, 2010

Sunday Funnies: There's a Christmas Song About THAT?

The other day we were just chilling at home listening to some Christmas music.  T was trying to sing along with Little Drummer Boy and he asked me, "Why do they keep saying, 'bum'?"

Feeling like I was stating the obvious, I said, "Because that's the sound a drum makes." 

Then I noticed that both M and T were laughing about it.  That made me start to think a little more.  Oh. My. Word.  Yeah, so at our house we call our bottoms, "bums."  They think it's a song about bottoms... 

And, this is where I found T one morning this past week when I came down to get breakfast ready.  He's getting a closer look at his cereal options.

(Bit of a tough parenting weekend at our house this weekend.  Here's to a fresh new week! :)


  1. They must know that a baby is on its way!!! Hope you have a better week INCLUDING a referral!!