Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Some Crazy Goals for 2015

Today is World Aids Day--a day to raise awareness about HIV and the AIDS pandemic.  The Lazarus Effect describes the amazing way that people living with HIV and AIDS come back from the brink of death when they start taking ARV's.  These medications can completely change a life, yet, they are all too often not available to the people who need them the most.  Above and below are some groups who are helping to change that.
ONE (among many other groups) has the goal of eradicating the spread of HIV from mothers to children by 2015.  You can watch the short video below and sign the petition.

You can also watch this short clip of Carolyn Twietmeyer talking about her family's story and Project HOPEFUL (a movement to make the adoption of children with HIV and AIDS easier). What an awesome family! They are also featured in the Dec. 6 issue of People Magazine.

For more information about HIV and AIDS in Africa you can go here.

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