Thursday, December 09, 2010

Processing... has been a day to process more of our little girl's life...

So, these details, might seem a bit tedious, but I know that someday I will want to look back to remember this part.

Today was a FULL day!  It started with dropping one of our cats off at the vet.  Well, first I had to get him into the cat carrier--a much more complicated task than I had anticipated. Then I had to get the carrier into the van--also more complex than I imagined.  All of these delays made me 30 minutes late to drop M off at preschool.

Then I went to Emily's to enjoy coffee and some delicious celebratory treats from Becca--real english muffins with jam, doughnut holes, death-by-chocolate cake from the bakery and flowers (we actually didn't eat the flowers ;).

I rushed from there to pick up M from preschool and to hurry to Walgreens to pick up the referral photos that I had ordered late last night.  I had one hour to get there and back for our afternoon Mommy & Me group at M's school.  When I got to Walgreen's I wasn't feeling so well and I had to re-put on both M & T's shoes in the freezing cold (NOT one of my favorite things to do) before we could go in.  We waited in line and then found out that I was at the wrong store...

We rushed back to the van and after some wrestling with seatbelts and big winter coats we went to the correct store.  After successfully navigating a meltdown by T because he didn't think it was quite right that M didn't have to hold my hand and he did, we waited for someone to help us.  Only to find out that the photo machine was broken and they didn't have my pictures.  Ugh...  I wanted pictures.

Fighting back tears, we rushed back out to the van and called M's preschool for the second time that day to tell them that we would be late (again).  45-minutes later (we had to stop at the long-lined drive-thru for lunch) we finally made it to our afternoon class.  Which was a really fun place to share our referral story and pictures printed off from the computer.

We finally got home and T took a nap.  An hour and half later the vet called to say that Riley was ready to come home.  M woke up T and we all bundled put to go back to the vet.

It was a very full day--but there was a lot of car time--a lot of car time to think (when I wasn't answering questions about vets and food ;).  What a twist of emotions.  In one moment I feel so at peace knowing that our little girl is being so well cared for at Hannah's Hope and in the next, when I consider all that I know about her, how irresistibly cute she is and how little she is I just want to get there as quickly as possible to scoop her up!  And her life story...  Still processing (and I'm sure it's a life-long process) what we know.

And that was our day.  Full, and good, and hard a bit.


  1. yes - the processing is life long! It's been about 7 weeks since we received our referral and I still bawl my eyes out every time I think of Tucker's birth mom. It's so strange to experience such joy and such pain at the same time. Praying for court dates for you QUICK!!

  2. Wow! What a day! So sorry you never got your prints :( UGH! I hope you get them today!!! I'm still just over the moon with excitement for you! I can't wait to meet her! (Isn't it so weird to think that others you "know" will meet her before you? It's so weird to me!)

  3. And let's give a shout-out to the sista's for the brief respite in the afternoon. I mean, what could be funner than checking in with your "Scattergories, JR AND gravity wagon" pals...even if it was just for a minute? Ok, so, maybe you CAN think of something more refreshing... Really just wanted to drop a line to say we're thinking of and praying for you!

  4. Breath in... Breath out...
    Wow, hoping today was a little more relaxing for you and that you were able to get your pictures!!! That was the highlight of our day yesterday so I'm sure you were disappointed. Praying as you process and begin all the paperwork!