Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Fire Eyes

Funny week about red eyes around here (all besides the pink eye has made several unwelcome appearances--that's really not so funny). :)  

T has decided that he can be a "scary monster" if he squints his eyes shut really tight because then they turn into "fire eyes."  I'm just assuming, but I think that when he squints that maybe he sees red?

Really, how "scary" is this face?  Cracks me up!  He looks like a sweet, little old man. :)  That my T.

Today as we were running across a freezing parking lot, M was convinced that she was going to turn blue ("or whatever color the wind is") because it was blowing so hard.  I said not to worry--her cheeks might turn a little red, but it would quickly go away.  She said that she could tell that she was already turning red, because when she closed her eyes she could see that color.  Funny kids!

Here's looking forward to a new week! 

(Once again, off to find my phone--not quite sure where it ended up in the unpacking process....hmm...)

1 comment:

  1. your kids are so funny!

    and yes... find your phone! hoping it rings TODAY!