Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Beware of the Volcanoes (and Scotch Tape)

The other day these "warning" signs appeared on M's door.  Apparently volcanoes have begun erupting in her room and as an act of goodwill, she has taken it upon herself to warn the inhabitants of our house to stay clear. 

The one below shows a very largely crossed out smoking volcano.

Shockingly enough, volcanoes have also sprung up in T's room.  The butterfly is a friendly way to tell you to "go home (as in fly home away from the volcano)."

So, how exactly is it okay for one to enter a room with a smoldering volcano?  Well, you have to don protective gear and a mask, of course.

Now, nearly every door (after strongly discouraging the use of tape on the walls) in our house boasts a scotched-taped sign or two--most of which have a crayon heavily taped onto them.  Some day I will miss this...  (For now, I try to sneak just a few of them down--you know, to make room for more!)  :)


  1. I love the imagination!! Too cute.

  2. it's so funny what little kids come up with!!!

  3. I do the same thing--sneaking pictures out--from the refrigerator. I can only take SO many!!! I agree that your kids have great imaginations!!