Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday Made It: Handbags and Just About Time for Christmas Music

Saw this totally fun pattern on (my latest obsession) and have been making some bags.

Favorite part of the bags--They easily fit 2 sippy cups and some assorted toys along with all of my essentials.

And, it's almost time for Christmas music. ;) Wanted to put a quick shout out for a way to help a family TODAY to raise the money they need to bring a little girl home from Ethiopia.  They are selling a Chrismas CD put together by the husband, a former member of Audio Adrenaline.  Find out more at their blog:


  1. Love the cute bags you made!! And I just ordered our CD! YAY!

  2. i'm so happy the blairs met their goal! and those bags are SO cute!


  3. As a side note, this grown-up version of M would also be worried about spiders after C's web. I told M's Saturday-hostess that I will need a nightlight if I ever sleep there...she told me to grow up, lol...and, I've been listening to holiday instrumental music since Nov 1 via the music stations on our tv. Love it! Cool bags, too.