Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Lots to share today!  First, we've moved 2 numbers to NUMBER 11!  Wow!

Also, this weekend we repainted and rearranged M's room.  Might be in a bit of a nesting mode ;), but I've been wanting to give M a wall that's more of the pink that she likes.  I tend to go for subtle colors, but she loves dark pink.  And in the process of repainting, we moved her furniture around to better accommodate sister someday soon. :)


Before.  Notice the soft pink on the wall.  (You might have to squint).

After. This pink is called "Snow White's Song."

The mirror is just her height now.  And, yes, her room is an advertisement for ik*a. :)

Hmmm...someone might like pink. ;)

And finally, last night when we were praying, I was telling M and T how close we are getting to seeing sister's face.  We started to pray for sister where ever she is right now--and we talked about how that could mean that she has either already lost or will lose her mommy and that they both might be feeling very sad.  M really took this to heart--imagining how hard that would be...  Again, so not sure that I have the words to describe this process.  What an amazing thing to bring another child into our family.  But at the same time it comes with incredible loss...

Praying for you little sister--that you will have a full belly, a warm bed and that most of all that you will know that you are so loved.


  1. I LOVE her room!!!! And I REALLY love that you're #11 now!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey ya'll! Just found your blog from Kelly Jo's! We are an AGCI family on the list officially at #83 for a girl! So excited to follow your journey! Ya'll are getting so close!! Yay!! :)