Thursday, October 07, 2010

Theme Weeks: Space Week and Jobs Week

Two weeks ago we had a very fun time making rocket ships for "Space Week."  I had saved two huge boxes in the basement (from last Christmas) and really wanted to find a good use for them.  Rocket ships seemed like a good solution. :)
We spent an afternoon decorating our space vessels with stars.
Then M and T stocked their ships with pillows, blankets, snacks and "friends."
Later that night we watched the stars come out and then we took a moonlit walk around our neighborhood.  When we came back, T INSISTED that he would like to sleep in his rocket ship.  After all, it was fully stocked.  Because you are only small enough to sleep in an imaginary rocket ship for a brief time in your life, we decided that he could give it a go...
The cramped quarters weren't ideal for M's sleeping situation so we turned her whole bed into a rocket ship.  (With a Riley-cat passenger.)
T loved sleeping in the box so much that he actually did it for a few nights. :)
We also had some fun times with glow sticks later in the week.
Last week was job/occupations week.  We played a few roles as garbage collectors and marine biologists.  We also pulled out the toy chain saws and hard hats to take down a rug "log."  (I found some amazing 5x8" rugs at Target for an incredible price--and they were just what I was looking for!)  Rolled up rugs make a pretty cool sound when they crash down.  :)


  1. Love the box pictures! Looks fun! And your new number seems really low to me! ~bear

  2. Adorable! Your son is turning into a cat! ~Alan