Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Rocket Ships and Jumping off a "Cliff"

Yesterday we went to a State Park to shoot off some model rocket ships.  Awesome day for such an outing.  And, might I add, that it is made all the more fun by having little children who think that chasing after (and sneaking through the fence into the golf course) and retrieving the launched ships is fantastic. :)

As we were leaving the kids had a blast singing on a stage.  And then in typical T fashion he just dropped off the edge.  Here's what we love about it--when you look at how they both jump--you can totally see their personalities.  T just nonchalantly walks off the edge like it's no big deal.  No sound.  Just a vision of him disappearing from sight.

M passionately throws her whole self into the jump and screams with glee the whole way down.  There is no mistaking who has just made the leap. :)

Beautiful Fall weekend! :)

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  1. what FUN! and it looks like it was a beautiful day! it was gorgeous here too!