Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October Numbers and Travel Vaccines

Our new number for October is...

for a little girl 0-15 months-old (from 52 in Feb).

And #14 on the siblings list.

And we had our first round of travel vaccines yesterday.  Bring it on Hep A and B and Polio! ;)

Yeah, not such a big fan of injections, but having M and T in the room motivated me to put on a brave face.  Pschying myself up for more to come next month. :)

(Also, loving Matthew West's songs  "One Less" and "My Own Little World.")


  1. Getting SO close, and we're not far behind ya! =) We're starting to think about travel vacines as well...have you decided what y'all are getting?

  2. travel vaccines made me excited... it was like, we're REALLY going to Ethiopia! really hoping you're in mid (at least) single digits in november!