Thursday, October 14, 2010 theme week, but silly songs stuck in my head. :)

Okay, so last week we took a break from theme weeks.  But, no worries, we're back in action this week. ;)

But we did stumble upon these completely fun songs that have worked their way into my brain.

Hmmm...this could totally be one of T's theme songs.

I can't make out a lot of these lyrics...but I do know that "Willy was a whale and he walked on the water."  Repeat 50 times...

(Oh, btw, when M was watching this video she asked, "Could they really play horns under water? Don't you need air to do that?" How did she know that?)

And this one could totally describe my mornings.  Bonus, it teaches spelling. ;)

Last, but not least, this song about FAMILY is just plain sweet (and there's more spelling).

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  1. the whale one makes me laugh! love your new picture header!!!