Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harvest Week

First, another update.  Since last night we have moved another number!  We're NUMBER 8!!!!

Last week was Harvest Week in the Miller household.  Monday was Columbus Day and because M didn't have school, I thought it would fun to go apple picking at the orchard down the road--after all, what better way to kick off "Harvest Week?"

It wasn't as picture-perfect as I had imagined.  :)  Probably should have realized that because of the holiday, A LOT of other families had the same idea.  We had to park far away, there were no donuts, T had a stomach ache (referred to simply as a stomach by T), and, well, there were basically no apples on the trees.  A fact that I didn't realize until after I had paid for my apple bag and had tromped off with the kids into the orchard.  I flittered between wanting to just give up and go home or making the best of the situation.  After a deep breath and a look around I decided that some of the apples on the ground had to be just fine.  We collected a lovely peck of apples off the ground (while trying to avoid onlookers and laughing to myself when I heard parents scolding their kids to drop the apples they had picked up off the ground because they were gross) and enjoyed a grand hayride back to our van.

 M and T enthusiastically washed the apples for a pie and applesauce.

And then we aproned-up for the main event--Dough-making!  They probably played with dough, and maybe really more the flour than the dough, for the better part of an hour. 

While our yummy pie was baking, we made applesauce.  M and T used butter knives to chop up the apples.  And there may have been a bit of "a bite for me, a bite for the pot" going on.  But since it was just for them, no worries. :)

So love that they are little enough to need to stand on chairs to reach the counter. :)

During the week we also enjoyed some amazing chocolate chip cream cheese pumpkin muffins.  I have to restrain myself from making more because pumpkin is MY FAVORITE!

Caught this fun photo of M and me on a leaf-collecting walk.

Ahhh...LOVE the fall!


  1. too bad there weren't more apples to pick, but sounds like you made the best of it! your kiddos are so cute! and i love that last picture!!!

  2. Um... Love love love the picture of j and m... That's a Framer!