Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday Favorites: The House Inside Our House

A few weeks ago our neighborhood had a yard sale and one of our neighbors told me about a dollhouse that they had been thinking about selling.  M loves her little plastic houses and I'm always looking for things to engage her imagination.  Our neighbor offered to just give us this AMAZING dollhouse.  Check it out--

The House
(Yes, it's missing a door, and, you know, a few windows--but those are just cosmetic fixes. ;)  
This whole front opens to reveal rooms on the front side.)

The back of the house.

Some close ups of the very cool furniture with working drawers and cupboards.
The piano/living room.

The master bath.

The master bedroom.

Elania's (from Fisher Price's Loving Family) bedroom.

The guest bath.

The breakfast nook.

The kitchen (check out those appliances and dishes.)

A child-size perspective with T and his best bud, the very lovely Hannah (also waiting for her baby sister).

Isn't it so cool?  Would totally love to live in this house!  So, so thankful for it. :)


  1. okay - how adorable are they?!!! How long did you get her to keep her hat on?!

  2. Wow! That's such a neat dollhouse!

  3. What an adorable house! You would never know it was that big without seeing it next to the kids. May they have hours of fun :-)