Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Favorites: Flowers from my Dad

My Dad loves flowers and he usually picks out a few for my sisters and me. 

These are some of the most gigantic mums.  They make us laugh because Dad's are so puny--his look like tiny marigolds. ;)

(Hair by Emily. ;)

And this most gorgeous iris blooms multiple times a year.  I took this picture yesterday.  Love the purple with all of the fall colors.  And the smell!  I think iris's are my favorite flower to sniff.

We also have a lot of grasshoppers hanging around for fun.  No, you would not catch me holding one.

Thanks, Dad, for all of the flowers that keep our house so beautiful and that always remind us of you. :)


  1. Emily needs to do my hair:). I love your mums

  2. come on over becca... I'll braid your hair!!!