Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Behind the Scenes

I LOVE being a mom.  There is truly nothing else in the world that I would rather be doing with my time.  What an awesome privilege to walk through life with these little people in our family.

And, wow, what a refining process!  Whew...  We have just bumbled through some tough weeks.  I have to admit, I have felt a bit beat up in the day-to-day struggles.  But with a lot of talks, confiding in close friends, changing and adding some new routines, redefining some of what being a "good" parent looks like and a ton of prayer--we're finally seeing some light at the end of this tunnel.

So thankful for our precious children.  God has created them both so uniquely.  It is our hearts desire that they would grow to know him more each day and that their strengths and weaknesses would be used for good.  In this life-long process it is my prayer that I would be an example of his unfathomable love in the face of challenges.

Love you, M & T!

P.S.  Thank you sweet friends for always having time to listen.  And for yummy soup and toasted-cheese sandwich lunches.  Love you guys! :)


  1. I love myself some grilled cheese too!!! Yum!!!
    Ps. I heard your numbers changed again!

  2. Oh, I am ready for some grilled cheese today!:) Love you too - cannot imagine going through this season without you guys!