Friday, August 27, 2010

What We've Been Up To Lately :)

Seriously behind on blogging! :)  But want to write this stuff down so that we don't forget it.

Hmmm...okay, first I don't want to forget our Theme Weeks (having a remarkably poor memory lately--couldn't even remember how old I was--I needed help to get it right--sad, I know...). 

August 1-7: Five Senses Week
--Talked about a different sense each day
--Played the fun "Guess that Smell" and "Guess the Object" games

August 8-14: Cabin Week
--We went to PA for the week to hang out with our families
My dad's "Dinner Plate Dahlias"

Driving the tractor at the farm with Grandpa.  Umm, do they look A LOT like twins?

M became a lover of kittens at Grandpa and GrammyKathy's (No more cats for us, though.  We already have two.). :)

We had a fun day at Knoebels Amusement Park. 
T is cruising in a jeep while M is perched on the highest seat in an ostrich.

T-head got a great view from Pop's shoulders. 
I think he's checking us out on the Ferris wheel. 
I forget how little he really is--he just turned 2.5. 
He was definitely quite unsure about most of the rides.

On the Ferris wheel with Nana.  M, on the other hand, loves heights and speed. :)

After riding a lot of the the little kid rides we noticed that M really wasn't smiling on any of them.  So we thought that the roller coaster might be more her style.  That's us in the last seat.  She was scared but loved it.  She said, "I didn't want to scream, but it just made it come out of me!"  (Might have made the scream just come out of me, too.)

It was a beautiful week at the cabin, but the last few days were a little rainy.  One afternoon we headed out into a torrential downpour to play in the puddles.  This is a before shot. :)

August 15-21: Potty Prep Week
--Bought a new potty seat as per T's request.  At the cabin he was very impressed with the handled seats and I heard him whispering to himself that he wouldn't fall off because there were handles.  ;)
--Cut out pictures of potties from around the world from the book, Material World: A Global Family Portrait, and taped them on our world map. (Yep, really makes me appreciate our facilities.)
--Made very little progress on actual potty training--we take it very slowly (diapers are awfully convenient).
--We also made our own crayons by melting old ones in muffin cups. (This has nothing to do with potties--it was just a cool new project.) 

Drawing with the "new" crayons.  Which, btw, really give you the urge to want a peanut butter cup. ;)

Adoption Front:
We are unofficially in the #17-18 range.  Yay!

Travel Vaccines are scheduled for early October.  Yay, again! :)
Ugh, and I've been trying to track down our FDL.  It has almost been 6 months since our fingerprinting appointment.  And our paperwork is still not in process and is in a box somewhere.  Starting to call them weekly now to try to get more information.  Apparently they have 18,000 files and ours is there somewhere...

And in Family news:
We had a week of no TV and have started to listen to a lot of audiotapes.  Loving the Magic Tree House series and M just started Little House on the Prairie today.

Listening intently to a story.  T brought the green chair into the room all by himself.

M starts preschool in 2 weeks--so we're in the school prep phase--love the beginning of a new school year--fun time to reorganize and re-evaluate goals/priorities. 

Ahhh...think I'm all caught up for now!  Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. i can't believe you STILL don't have your FDL! what in the world?! i love: I didn't want to scream, but it just made it come out of me!

    and those dahlias are AMAZING!