Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wed. What's Up? Adoption Update and Room Sharing

What's up on the adoption front?  We're still sitting unofficially at number 20, waiting for our FDL and needing to schedule some travel vaccinations.

AND M and T are practicing sharing a room!  We still don't have the logistics worked out for when sister joins our family, but someone will be sharing a room. :)  This summer seems like the perfect time for a trial run. 

They have actually been doing really well.  Yes, there is a lot of mayhem for the first, oh, hour or so, but then they get down to the business of sleeping. :) 

I seem to remember my own hijinks when I shared a room with MB and Bubsy.  Hmm...some of them don't cast me in the best light.  As the resident top-bunker I seem to remember luring my bunk-mate over to the edge and pouring water on her face (ohh..may have even been some spitting involved--yes, pretty gross, indeed.  Promise I will never do that again.), ordering the sisters closer to the floor to get me things and to turn off the light, and doing a somersault that resulted in me falling down the ladder and fracturing my wrist in kindergarten (sorry, Mom and Dad).  But, I overwhelmingly remember it as a really fun time with my sisters--staying up late talking, playing games, telling stories and giggling.

I'm very glad that M and T seem to be having a good time together.  God willing, they will have each other longer than they have us and it's very cool to watch them become friends. :) 

Who knows, maybe all 3 of them will share a room. :) 


  1. okay - love that he is using the blanket that I made him:) thanks for putting up with us tonight - wow it was a interesting night:)!!! Here's to a bottle of wine (notice that I did not say glass:)

  2. Bunk beds totally rock! Anyway, remember "the hole"? I fondly recall reading by the glow of the nightlight, ALWAYS fighting over who should turn off the light and thinking of ways to devise a system so we wouldn't actually have to get out of bed to turn the light off, and knocking on the wall between our bedrooms. Good memories (I try to block the spitting from my mind :)).

  3. That was the younger anonymous. I have fond bedroom memories, too. I even remember the time my roomie at home disappeared and dad found her UNDER the bed. I still have my top bunk as my bed here. Well, actually, now it's a guest bed.