Monday, August 02, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Summer Snippets

These are some funny things from the past few weeks that I want to remember...

T randomly slips the word "Go-gie" into all kinds of things.  "Is this a go-gie baby?"  "This is a go-gie train."  "I want a go-gie."  We always ask, "What's a go-gie."  He has no idea.  Just plain funny. :)

The other day T was watering some flowers and I told him that they were saying "thank you" because they had been very thirsty.  He paused and then said VERY clearly, "Actually, Mommy, flowers don't talk...  They grow." 

Today M asked if we will ever ride in a rocket ship?  J asked, "What do you mean, a rocket ship?"  She said, "There's only one kind of rocket ship and that's the kind I mean."  J told her that we couldn't do that, we're not astronauts.  M said that surely we could buy the things required to fly a rocket ship.  J told her that they were way too expensive.  So, M acquiesced and said that we will just have to take a plane the next time we go to Florida. :)

Slightly bittersweet, but for the longest time, M has talked about how one day she will marry Daddy.  She talks about where they will live and that if I want to I can come to visit them.  We've never gone into too much detail to burst her bubble because we knew it would be a very short phase.  And it was.  Just the other day she not so gently informed him that she didn't know who should would marry one day.  But that's it's her choice--it might be a friend or someone she doesn't even know yet.  Smart girl, sad Daddy.

And finally, a fun video of T "driving" the boat from the 4th of July.

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  1. A few clarifications:

    The rocket ship -- when I informed M that only astronauts get to ride in rocket ships, she countered that we could just buy the parts and put them on our back. "You mean like a jet pack?" I said. "We can't afford that."

    Megan, apparently not recognizing the word "afford" instead thought I said "when we go to Florida we can do that." She reluctantly agreed that she could wait until the next time we went to florida.

    On the marrying daddy thing -- it's true that I've suffered a setback, but I'm not giving up yet. I think M was just testing the waters and that she'll come back around to her first love very soon. :-)