Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Future Aspirations and Holy Moly

T has an interesting view of what "growing up" will look like.  Here are just a few of the things he would like to be.

"When me Daddy, can me drive the van?"
(Okay, jiving with him here.)

"When me Mommy, can me cook at the stove?"
(Explain that most definitely when he is a Daddy he can cook at the stove.)

"When me M, can me wear a barrette; paint my nails; have an umbrella?"
(Hmmm...well, when you're 4 you can do bigger boy things, and, yes, you can have an umbrella.)

And my latest personal favorite...
"When me a fish, can me live in there?"

Said last week at the Norwalk Aquarium in Connecticut while pointing into a dark and murky tank with some no-nonense fish.  Hmmm...T, you can be many things, but I can confidently say that you will not be a fish.

And finally, at night when we pray I usually end by saying, "You are a holy and awesome God."  Sometimes I pause to let T fill in the words.  It goes something like this, "You are a holy--moly." :)

(Just a few more pictures from the aquarium:)
M's big catch.

Touching a sting ray.  Ever since reading the library book, Never Smile at a Monkey, a book about poisonous/dangerous animals all over the world, my kids have been a bit obsessed with sting rays.  When we first went to the lake they wanted to make sure that there were no sting rays in the water.  And when T is chasing the girls at the lake he pretends to be either a shark, octopus or, you guessed it, a sting ray.  It was really fun for M to be able to see and touch one.  T was too afraid. :)

They got to touch a crab, too.  A very fun trip with Aunt MB and Uncle Carl--thanks for coming guys or kids as T calls anyone without children of their own. 


  1. We loved the aquarium trip, too! And the fish comment was almost as hilarious as "Please be quiet!" from the wrong child! Looking forward to next time! ~"the kids"