Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Monday Made-It: "Gak"

We've been making some of the projects from last Monday's post about Kid Concoctions.

Latest and greatest?  "Gak."  Wild stuff.

Here's how it all goes down.

First make Solution A.
-Mix equal amounts of school glue and water.
-Add food coloring to achieve desired color.

Then, make Solution B.
-1 1/3 cups warm water
-4 tsp Borax (Laundry booster--found in the detergent aisle)

Now for the fun part. 
-Pour Solution A into Solution B.  Gently move it around--don't "mix" it.
-Pour off the excess water and you are now holding a crazy substance we call "gak."

Seriously, this is fun stuff.  I mean you are dumping a liquid into a liquid and coming out with this super fun, stretchy dough.  And it's SO INEXPENSIVE.  Glue is like $0.20 these days because of back-to-school shopping.  Fun, fun! :)

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  1. keith is obsessed with making gak now... thanks to you!!! the kids like yellow the best!