Friday, August 06, 2010

Littles Week

We are at the point in the summer when boredom is starting to set in.  There is great temptation to want to buy more toys to have fun things to do.  But then when I look around I realize that more toys is the last thing we need. :) 

That's where last week's theme comes in.  Littles Week was designed to bring new life to old toys.  ;)

We broke out the dollhouses, the Fisher Price Little People and the GeoTrax.  I myself played a lovely dollhouse version of House Hunters.  My little doll took a very close look at 3 options for her family of 4 and opted for the 2-story traditional home (instead of the ice cream parlor or very large fixer-upper missing most of the doors and windows). 

Country Charmer, Move-in Ready.

We even had a day that we imagined that OUR house was a dollhouse.  Makes our house seem pretty snazzy.  I mean, have you ever seen a dollhouse with a working refrigerator, live cats, and running water?  Oh, and a stocked pantry full of real food, to boot? 

This whole week when we've driven into our neighborhood, T shouts, "Look at all the dollhouses!"  Oh, the stories they will tell someday. :)

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